End of Conflict

Following years of violence, on the 11th July 1921, a truce was negotiated so that discussions on a political settlement could commence. Discover how talks led to the Anglo-Irish Treaty being signed on the 6th December 1921.

Remains of Dillon’s Cross Meat Market, Cork, after official reprisal. © IWM (Q 107756)


Pictured at the Mansion House in 1919 are - from left to right - the Republican politicians Michael Collins, Harry Boland and Eamon de Valera, the President of the Dail Eireann. © IWM (HU 55929)

Page from a draft of the Anglo-Irish Treaty, annotated by Arthur Griffith


Plate commemorating the death of Michael John Collins in August 1922, a casualty of the Irish Civil War. © IWM (EPH 7941)