Introduction and Timeline of Key Events

Dating back 700 years, the Norman invasion of Ireland marked the beginning of a shared history between the neighbouring islands of Ireland and England defined by war, violence, and strained diplomacy.

Vital of Bayeux on the Bayeux Tapestry

Irish Famine


No Home Rule Poster © IWM (Art.IWM PST 13589)

Members of the Ulster Volunteer Force march through Belfast, rifles on shoulders shortly before the First World War. © IWM (Q 81771)

Female workers adjust the nozzles of shells in the National Shell Factory at Parkgate Street, Dublin, during the First World War. © IWM (Q 33216)

Birth of the Irish Republic by Walter Paget (1835 - 1935)

Sinn Féin election poster in 1918 quoting D. D. Sheehan MP, leading up to the December 1918 general election in Ireland. Originally uploaded to en.wikipedia (file log) by Osioni.