Be inspired by our Top Tips and Lesson Plans!

For the 2019/20 academic year, we will be inviting young people to create poetry, art, speeches, and songs responding to conflict throughout the ages. Below you will find a vast range of tips and tricks from experts in the fields of poetry, art, speech and songwriting to inspire you to make a powerful piece of art.

Songwriting Top Tips and Lesson Plans


Learn how to write a powerful song with tips from talented songwriters on a topic of interest within the theme of “The Impact of Conflict on Communities”.

Speeches Top Tips and Lesson Plans

Birmingham 6.jpg

Use famous speeches from history and tips from professionals to help students write their own speeches about war and conflict.

Poetry Top Tips and Lesson Plans


Help your students write their own poems as a response to any conflict from history, or in the world today.

Art Top Tips and Lesson Plans

Peace by George Sanders .jpg

Find inspiration in the work of War Artists throughout history and Never Such Innocence competition entrants; help students to create their own pieces in response to conflict.