Local pupils encouraged to get involved with war art project

SCHOOL pupils have been encouraged to take part in an art competition which delivers a poignant message.

A charity, called Never Such Innocence, has organised the educational project which helps children and young people aged between nine and 16 to learn about World War I.

Regular readers of our feature, Chronicle of the Past, will be aware that the conflict was at its height 100 years ago and news at the time was dominated by it.

There were obituaries every week in the paper, increasing in numbers as fighting intensified.

Hundreds of local soldiers were among the millions who died during the conflict.

One of those killed was a politician who held a similar office to current MP, Alan Brown, who is inviting local schools to get involved with the art and poetry competition He said: “As we approach Remembrance Day I have learned about my predecessor, William Glynne Charles Gladstone.

“He was MP of Kilmarnock Burghs 100 years ago, and died fighting during the First World War… view