Transatlantic Ties to the Special Relationship

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Global events in the second decade of the twenty-first century highlight that intelligence and security agreements remain vital amongst the English speaking countries of the world. As we mark the centennial of World War I, it is important that we set our shared values and interests within a wider historical and cultural framework – much of which is exemplified through our co-operation during World War I.

One hundred years on, governments around the globe are commemorating the conflict with ceremonies and memorials. Equally important is the work of smaller organisations, such as the UK-based charity Never Such Innocence, which is seeking to engage young people in commemorations of the centennial of World War I through poetry, art, drama and music. Having successfully launched its first annual poetry and art competition, which invited schoolchildren to submit pieces based on World War I, the charity is eager to expand its remit and to share its educational resources with children around the globe - including in the United States… view