How will you say Thank You? 


If you feel inspired by the hundreds of thousands of men, women and children all across the Commonwealth that were a part of the First World War then why not express your gratitude by creating a song, poem or piece of art as part of the Thank You competition.

Did you know that to cope with so many men leaving for war duty nearly 1,300 scouts were assigned to coast-watching in the absence of coast guards? Would you like to say thank you to these children for the help and sacrifices they made?

Imagine a world without x-rays and blood transfusions, or what about suitable treatments for burns patients and prosthetic limbs for those who sadly suffered devastating injuries? Huge medical advancements were made during the First World War that make our lives better today.

Video by Eda Zorbozan

How would you feel if women, who make up 51% of the UK population, were not allowed to vote in elections? Before the First World War this was exactly the scenario, however the contribution that women made at home and on the front showed their worth and in 1918 they were granted the right to vote. How would you say thank you to these women who paved the way for us today?

Troops from India to the West Indies, Australia and New Zealand, Canada and Africa answered the call for volunteers and served with honour. We recognise them today as our Commonwealth family who we owe so much to. All across Britain we now enjoy many of these cultural influences especially reflected in our cuisine, fashion and music. How do you think the Commonwealth has impacted the life you life? How might you like to show an expression of thanks?