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New Zealand House is situated in central London on the corner of Haymarket and Pall Mall. The site, where the 18 storey building now stands, was the derelict site of the Carlton Hotel which was destroyed by a bomb during the Blitz, where Ho Chi Minh worked in the kitchens from 1913 – 1917. Built by Holland Hannen and Cubitts in 1959, the building’s design differs from the other diplomatic buildings of the Commonwealth realms in that it is a modern skyscraper, and today it remains one of the tallest buildings in this part of London.
The New Zealand High Commission is honoured to support Never Such Innocence and in 2015/2016 was very proud to have a finalist in the age 9-11 poetry category – Pieta Bayley, for her entry Lemon Squeezer Boneyard. We look forward to seeing what talent emerges this year.

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