Legacy of the Battle

The Battle of Hastings, although happening over 950 years ago is still a very well-known conflict in England and France. 1066 was not the last time that England and France were in conflict, another very famous conflict between the two countries was the Napoleonic wars! Although the war happened over 700 years after the Battle of Hastings, (1803-1815), Napoleon Bonaparte used the Bayeux Tapestry as propaganda!

In 1803 Napoleon planned to invade the United Kingdom and used the Tapestry to show the story of when the French last successfully ‘conquered’ England. He moved the famous stitch works to the Musée Napoléon in Paris (now the Louvre) in the hopes that this would encourage people to join his army!

The Emperor Napoleon in His Study at the Tuileries

Napoleon used the story of the Battle of Hastings over 700 years after it happened!



Why do you think Napoleon used the Tapestry? What would be beneficial about using a visual depiction of the Battle of Hastings?