Island of Ireland Project

Never Such Innocence is delighted to be working with Glasnevin Trust to extend the First World War poetry, art, and song competition into the Autumn Term for the Island of Ireland.

The Poetry, Art, and Song project is open to anyone aged 9-16 from the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland.Submitting your work is completely free of charge, and all entrants will receive a personalised Certificate of Commendation.Entrants will have the opportunity to visit Glasnevin on Thursday 13th December to collect their certificates in person.


Somewhere among the clouds above....
by Ruben White from County Donegal

A56-604 Somewhere among the clouds above .jpg

For a Horse
by Matthew Heaney from Lough View Integrated Primary School

Four fast hooves clip, clip, clopping
Fine high head nodding, bobbing
Smartly stepping, forward going
Wind wafting, soft mane flowing

Long legs lithely trot, trot, trotting
Following orders, slowly stopping
Heavy sack slinging, broad back breaking
Once more starting, muscles aching

Frightened heart thud, thud, thudding
Big brown eyes stinging, streaming
Terrible noises, screaming, moaning
Poisoned air gasping, groaning

Sinews burning, throb, throb, throbbing
Deep in mud, struggling, straining
Smells so dreadful, shocking, stinking
Breathing harshly, downward sinking

Strong neck tensing, pull, pull, pulling
Not giving up, snorting, striving
Journey completed, panting wheezing
Heavy load lifted pain now easing

Heroic war horse – worth remembering!

Submitting your entry
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