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Forgotten Heroes 14-19 Foundation

The forgotten heroes 14-19 Foundation is the producer  of the book The Unknown Fallen. It is one of those books where powerful pictures and graphics predominantly tell more stories than the written words. There are few words written in this book, but there are personal individual introductions, little stories, incidents and some transcripts/translations of documents and personal letters – the rest is powerful images and graphics.

Whether we agree or disagree with the reasons, purpose and causes of the First World War, that’s a separate matter; this book focuses on and reflects upon a powerful message of how a diverse force of many nationalities, faiths, ethnicities and genders built unity, friendship and respect in an incredibly hostile environment. It is unfortunate that after 100 years we are still fighting for the value of equality and diversity in our society.  In some areas, society seems to have gone backwards, hence prompting a pressing need to share a positive message from this era of our history.

The chairman of the Forgotten Heroes 14-19  foundation, who is also the author, is trying to take the lead in changing  the doors of perception, reaching out for peace and mutual respect.

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