Annually, the English Heritage hold a re-enactment and festival commemorating the very famous battle! Hundreds of people gather to re-enact the Norman and Anglo Saxon battle - with even more people coming to watch it! See more on these re-enactments here...

In 2016 The Battle of Hastings had its 950th Anniversary - although the conflict happened many centuries ago, it is still something remembered and commemorated. To celebrate this anniversary, a special 50p coin was made by artist John Bergdahl … He created a very small replicated picture of Harold’s death scene in the Bayeux Tapestry. The use of art has always been a way to commemorate.

Re-enactment of Battle of Hastings at Battle Abbey, October 14, 2017



Could you create a piece of artwork on something as small as a coin?

How would you use art to commemoration the Battle of Hastings?