In September 2019 we will launch a new educational resource about conflict throughout the ages, to inspire submissions to the 2019/20 competition.

For our First World War resources please click here.


Our new resources will provide an introduction to different forms of conflict throughout history, taking a thematic approach to illustrate the commonalities and differences between different conflicts.  The resources will examine the formation, duration, impact, and consequences of conflicts from the Punic Wars to the Cold War, whilst encouraging readers to apply these same analytical tools to other conflicts.  We will invite young people to reflect on these conflicts, and others, and use the creative arts as a way of responding to these challenging topics.

The resources will be available on our website, and access will be completely free of charge.

If you would like to be notified when the new resources are launched in September 2019 please register your interest by emailing - please include a postal address in your email so we can send you accompanying materials.

The resource will enable children and young people to learn about and reflect on events in the past and present, giving them a creative platform to process challenging topics around conflict and commemoration.  

In the first half of 2019 the NSI team are conducting research and developing the new resource, and we would be incredibly grateful for any input you may have!

We are conducting focus groups with children and young people in a range of schools, taking guidance from our Education Advisory Board, and speaking to community leaders across the UK.  We also have an online survey which you can contribute to here: